The Trends Writing The Future of Business

We are really eager to present you a very recent dossier on the trends that are writing the future of business with the commentaries of Annick Renaud Coulon, keynote speaker of the conference. To read the full report click here…..

Keynote by Roland Deiser – Corporate Universities as enablers of the strategy process

We are pleased to announce that Roland Deiser, Founder and Chairman of the European Corporate Learning Forum, Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California and author of “Designing the Smart Organization,” will join us at the ECU Forum.

Roland’s work focuses on how to foster the capability for strategic change, innovation, and continuous learning in complex organizations. In his keynote address, he will first talk about the changing paradigm of strategic management and then share a compelling framework that illustrates how to create powerful interventions in the areas of strategy generation, formulation and execution – interventions that that make Corporate Universities key players in assuring an integrated strategic learning architecture.

Annick Renaud-Coulon to present on the program

We are pleased to announce that Annick Renaud-Coulon will be giving a keynote presentation on the ECU Forum. Annick is the founder and Chairman of the Global Council of Corporate Universities and she will be speaking on “Building Corporate Universities”

Collective Intelligence Across Borders

We welcome the President of The E.C.L.O., Marc Alen and Secretary General, Jozefa Fawcett as speakers on the ECU Forum.

“Leading in a downturn” – Workshop with Ian Saunders and Ray Charlton

People have not changed – the context has

  • Economy
  • Social media
  • Sustainability
  • Anxiety about survival

Question – “what’s different?” Click here to learn more……….



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